Crafted by Solomon Irungu, Creatives Wisdom is the hub of  communication professionalism with profound and extensive experience in development communication,
public relations and diverse fields in communication. The hundreds of individuals and corporate institutions who have come across Creatives Wisdom
say that  this is simply the best. Solomon is an expert in packaging information in a manner that is desirable for absorption.
He is capable of shaping audience’s mindset and influencing behavior just from how he packages and delivers
information. View the services within his scope and do not hesitate to talk to hit the “Contact” button.


Creatives Wisdom believes that communication consultants also consult. The vision is to become the communication hub of national and international repute.


Core Values

The communicator and the audience have expectations that have to be met. Creatives Wisdom endeavors to satisfy both. It is not limited in values, but to our core are the following:

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Timeliness and currency
  • Innovation
  • Originality


Solomon believes that controlling the communication style determines how the audience decodes it. His mission is to continually furnish individuals and institutions with professional, concrete and well packaged communication material and succor them according to Hoyle.


Talk of being fully digital and using powerful equipment and contemporary software whose updating never ceases. The produced products are thus in line with global standards.

Communication Aid

Creatives Wisdom communication aid section is the service to the society. Solomon selectively crafts and disseminates information on charity causes to reach desired audiences. He is also the pioneer of common charity events like Chapati Forum and Nipe Pamper Initiative.

Our Foundation

Creatives Wisdom foundation is based on being both Socratic type of communicator (with a high affinity of persuasive words and analytics and keen to detail) and Reflective Communicator (team leaders, hardly offending anyone and are competitive and results-oriented). The leadership is therefore founded on the principles of shaping mindsets through persuasive communication and passage of rational, logic and empirical information as well as offering competitive results both individually and when in teams.


Solomon Irungu

Team Leader

Solomon Irungu is a reflective and Socratic type of communicator. He is a communication professional by virtue of having an in-born talent in communication, training and vast experience in different fields of communication namely development communication, public relations, broadcasting, among others. Solomon is an extrovert, people-person and a meticulous person who passionately believes in the power of powerfully packaged and delivered information to different audiences with an aim to solving societal problems.

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He went to a local primary school called Githunguri Ranching Primary School, a place where they used to shift cattle in the morning to provide room for education. He beat all odds after eight years to secure a place in Ituru High School where he excelled after his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education and managed to join the leading university in Kenya.

As a youngstar and a freshman in the University of Nairobi, while studying Bachelors in Journalism and Media Studies, Solomon became quite concerned by the misinformation and lack of information that locals in his home area were facing. Through the support of his best ally and mentor, he introduced a local newspaper called The Insight, more of a village newsletter, which passed information to over 30,000 people who came across the paper that had a circulation of 12,000 copies. Locals were sending in bizarre and historical articles to Solomon while his friends wrote about Ruiru daily beat. Solomon would multitask as the editor, printer and distributor.

To broaden his knowledge and know more about communication and problem solving at the international level, Solomon has taken a Masters in International Studies at The University of Nairobi. His main purpose in life is to make the world a better place for everyone to live in.



Creatives Wisdom not only believes that branding is impressing indelibly. It also believes in creating an unforgettable image on your mind. Creatives Wisdom professionally designs anything printable and/or distributed digitally. Solomon is keen to detail and uses the latest software to create images that are not only appealing, but also impressive and memorable.



Training and Workshops

We believe in passage of our skills to others so that others can utilize them as well as we do. Having been trained by among others the UN HABITAT & MASHAV Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation and Hand in Hand International, Solomon is keen on offering training on communication and journalistic practices. He conducts Training Needs Assessment (TNA) and consequently generates a customized curriculum that befit the needs. Creatives Wisdom shall thereafter follow-up to establish whether the training has had impact or not. It can also organize workshops for you and in some cases, Solomon has been invited by organisations to offer expert input to their workshops.

Content Creation and Marketing

Who doesn’t like reading a good piece, anyone? Or watching an eye-catching video or funny GIF? Solomon is a good storyteller. He uses different formats of informing and entertaining. He will get you catchy images, graphics and videos. He will write articles and scripts for your publications and weblog. He will also go overboard and do policies, codes of conducts and proposals for you. The write ups will always meet the intended purpose. Solomon has the best nose for good stories.

Media Appointments:

Creatives Wisdom has cultivated professional relationships with reputable media outlets, journalists, bloggers and influencers over the years. Coupled with massive experience in the media industry, there is a greater capacity to tailor your content to fit different media segments.


Digital Communication:

The internet provides a vast range of online communication opportunities for every institution. Through Wisdom Creatives, an organisation can be advertised through SEM and SEO marketing, Google My Business, Bing Places for Business, among others.

Audio Production and Sound Engineering

You have heard those entertaining adverts and programmes on radio; Creatives Wisdom might be the brains behind them. It makes radio adverts and an array of productions including radio drama, magazines and spots. Creatives Wisdom is capable of manipulating sound and voices to suit your needs. Solomon can also clean dirty sounds and edit video and recorded clips into brilliant voice clips.


Photography and Still Graphics
Creatives Wisdom knows you have heard about the rule of thirds, perspective or content-aware image scaling… Well, let’s save the terminologies. What Solomon is simply saying is that he can capture emotions and actions in photography. You can now imagine how much more can be done in still graphics. Creatives Wisdom works with award winning teams that are masters of filming.

Filming and Video Clips

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Articles & Blog




Produced by Solomon Irungu


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Some of the organisations that have worked with Creatives Wisdom include the following:

Caritas Nairobi NGO

Kiambu County Government – Kenya 

Gathii Irungu and Co. Advocates

Focus CBO

Chapati Forum Charity Cause